Product Description

The feathers are a gift from the Great Spirit, and also the bird that has a part of it. They have the liberty, movement and communication. As life teaches us so well, man borrows different paths in life. He is free to choose its own path and open its wings and flies away to the serenity and light. The feathers have a medical property because they allow to penetrate and direct healing energy and they capture and redistribute the beneficial energy. Some pens also have protective value, it is sufficient to carry the self to draw the energy they possess. When you receive a gift pen, you keep the bird alive through you. The pen sharing its energy, and you also pass it yours. Do not let bad energies touch, keep it in place wise.On your pen, you will find the red, yellow, black and white.

– These colors represent the four directions: north, south, east, west

– The 4 large human families: the red races, yellow, black, white

– The four sacred elements : water , air, mother earth , fire

– The Three Sisters, squash, beans , yellow corn , green, orange

– The color pink femininity, blue for the sky

– Green for Mother Earth , red protection white wisdom

– Transparent White Water